Which Washer Is Better: HE Or Traditional?

In some ways the HE-washer seems better than the traditional washing machine. In other ways, the newer appliance has forced the homemaker to deal with a whole new set of problems. For example, the high efficiency (HE) machines use less water, but they also have longer wash cycles.

Other advantages that are linked to using an HE washer

That particular appliance concentrates the amount of detergent in the washer’s tub. As a result, it allows the detergent to penetrate deep, thus aiding creation of amazingly clean clothes.
• It uses less water.
• It keeps the clothes in constant motion. That reduces the chance for formation of wrinkles.
• It creates fewer suds. Consequently, it does a better job of working on soiled and stained clothes.

Problems associated with use of an HE machine

That sort of washing machine uses a detergent with a higher concentration. Such detergents cost more than traditional detergents. As stated above, it has longer wash cycles.Utilization of a more concentrated detergent adds to the importance of one act. That one act calls for avoidance of any temptation to close the washer’s lid, after an entire load of clean clothes has been removed. The lid should remain open, so that the washer’s tub and its working parts can dry more rapidly and more thoroughly.

Advantages linked to use of a traditional washer

That appliance has a shorter wash time. That appliance does not cause the washed clothes to tumble. Instead, they get turned in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. The tumbling increases the chances for any items in a pocket to fall out, thus damaging the HE machine.

Problems associated with traditional washers

The main problem relates to their efficiency. All of them use a great deal of water. The HE machines use less water. Those washers create lots of suds. Suds take up space, but do not work to clean the clothes. Consult an appliance repair specialist in St. Catharines to assist you with the remedial measures.

What was used before or what comes next?

Both the traditional washing machine and the HE machines do represent a marked improvement over the old wringer-washer. Both spin the clothes, thus eliminating the need for a wringer. Because manufacturers show no desire to stop making changes to their appliances, consumers can expect those same manufacturers to continue working on ways to improve the HE machines.
Even now one company gives consumers the chance to purchase an HE-washer with a Fresh Hold option. Consumers’ opinion of that Option, some of which will come in the form of posted testimonials, should work to shape the nature of further improvements. Still, no one can answer this question: What will be coming in the future?