Why Is The Freezer Cold While The Refrigerator Is Warm?

Every homeowner has that moment when they open the fridge only to be treated with a warm and dark appearance. The refrigerator is always taken for granted and is expected to run at all times. Unfortunately, things happen and when it does, the results are never good and sometimes it can cost quite an investment, depending on what you have in your refrigerator. Now you have to find out what caused the refrigerator to stop working? Here are the most common reasons why fridges give out and what an appliance repair expert in Burlington, Oshawa, and St. Catharines can work on to fix the problem. (more…)

Can I Troubleshoot The Ignitor of A Gas Stove?

Appliances sometimes make strange noises and a stove is no different. If you have a gas stove or range, you’ve likely heard that soft clicking noise they are known to make when you turn the surface burner knob. The clicking happens just before the flame goes up and the burner lights. The noise itself isn’t a bad thing. It’s simply the sound of the electric ignitor working to spark the burner. If everything is working as it should, the clicking sound will stop once the burner ifs fully lit. (more…)

How To Avoid Issues With The Washing Machine?

Washing machines are generally made sturdy and able to handle the job that they’ve been designed to do. Still, a washing machine isn’t unbreakable and is built with limitations. This means that if you use it improperly or don’t complete even basic maintenance, you’ll end up damaging your washing machine. The trick to making your machine last as long as possible is to avoid common washing machine mistakes that can shorten its lifespan. (more…)