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Appliance Installation In Oshawa, St. Catharines & Burlington

Hiring a professional appliance installation service offers a number of benefits for residents of Oshawa and its neighboring communities. Whether you are buying a brand new appliance or a previously-owned model, it’s important that the installation proceeds quickly and safely. Granted, some appliances can be installed easily and without a great deal of effort. However, a lack of experience can be dangerous and could put your household at risk if you don’t know what you’re doing.

DIY Installation Hazards

For those individuals who do not possess the proper skill set required to install some appliances, there are certain safety hazards that could arise. For instance, every major appliance is either powered by electricity or gas (natural or propane). In addition to this, some require access to your home’s plumbing system. As you can see, this is not a job for those who lack the knowledge of these power sources. You could be electrocuted or overwhelmed by fumes if all hook-ups and wiring are not done properly.

Furthermore, appliance installation requires a great deal of physical effort as well when moving these machines into the proper position. This means that you could be putting yourself at risk of personal injury such as lower back strains and pulled muscles. When you hire Alpha Appliance Repair to do the installation in your Burlington home, you eliminate the risk of injury and ensure the safety of your home and every one living in it. While DIY installation can save you time and money, the risks involved aren’t worth it.

Benefits of Professional Installation Services

If you’ve been trying to decide between hiring a professional service and DIY appliance installation, you should consider the benefits of having our specialists handle this task for you. Entrusting our installation technicians ensures the following:

  • Because there are electric, gas, and plumbing connections, you’ll need a licensed professional who knows any Burlington city codes and regulations that may apply.
  • Professional installation maximizes the performance of your appliances and ensures that they will operate energy efficiently.
  • Technicians do all the lifting and moving while eliminating the risk of injury to yourself and other family members.
  • You eliminate the risk of damaging your floors and walls when hiring Alpha Appliance Repair installation specialists.

Keep in mind that our specialists install appliances on a full-time basis along with doing preventative maintenance and repairs. Are you willing to allow your inexperience to put your family and household at risk? Because that’s what you might be doing by trying to install your appliances without professional assistance. We never recommend trying to dismantle and repair any appliance on your own as it can be hazardous. For more information regarding professional appliance installation, preventative maintenance plans, and repair services in Oshawa, please call Alpha Appliance Repair at your earliest convenience. Let us show you how to keep your home running efficiently.

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