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As an industry leader in the Greater Toronto Area, Alpha Appliance Repair has been the company of choice when it comes to clothes dryer repair, dishwasher repair, oven / range repair, refrigerator repair, and washer repair for many years. Furthermore, we also specialize in appliance installation services and customize preventative appliance maintenance plans that can be tailored to the demands and needs of any household. So whenever you need high-quality repair services at competitive pricing, our factory certified and licensed technicians are always prepared to help at a moment’s notice.

We understand how your appliances play a significant role in your everyday lives and how inconvenient it can be when one of them breaks down or malfunctions. When your appliances are operating at optimum performance, they are more energy-efficient. In the long run, our preventative maintenance plans save you money two different ways. First and foremost, it saves you money on your monthly utility bills and secondly, it saves you on future repairs and the cost of replacement.

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Repair vs. Replacement

It goes without saying that each of our appliances serves a very unique purpose. For example, your dishwasher makes after-dinner clean-up much easier or your washer and dryer save you a considerable amount of time when it comes to doing your laundry. Without our appliances, our daily lives would be so much more difficult to cope with and finding the free time to do more of the things that we enjoy doing would be extremely difficult to say the least.

At some point in time, you will be faced with a critical decision where these appliances are concerned. Eventually, the repairing of your appliances will no longer be financially feasible and you will have to replace them. Granted, you should always repair it if it is still cheaper to do so. However, it no longer makes economic sense to do so when the appliance reaches a point where it is just going to malfunction or quit working fairly soon. Nor does repair make any sense once the appliance is technologically obsolete.

Finding the right Appliance Repair Company

When you consider the number of search results that Google yields for “Toronto appliance repair companies” (we came up with 1.6 million results), finding the right company to address your specific needs can be extremely challenging. However, it really doesn’t have to be; not if you know the qualities to look for before making your final decision. These include:

Factory certification and licensing: When you hire us to install, maintain, or repair your appliances, rest assured that the technician who is assigned to your service call is highly qualified to do the job and do it right the first time. We are certified and licensed to work anywhere in the GTA and throughout Ontario Province. All of our credentials are available for you to see upon request.

Proven track record of efficient, fast, and long-lasting repairs: Constant changes demand having competent technicians that keep current and up-to-date on the latest technological innovations and updates. The last thing you need is a repair technician that has no clue what he or she is dealing with. We insist that all Alpha Appliance Repair technicians stay current and undergo continual training where this is concerned.

Years of experience and expertise: We have years of experience and expertise in the appliance maintenance, installation and appliance repair fields. While experience and expertise is not the single most important factor to consider, the fact that we have been in business as long as we have, makes us a company that you can always trust when repairing your appliances.

Why choose Alpha Appliance Repair?

Although we don’t like to brag, our many customers feel that our company is the best when it comes to appliance repairs in the GTA. And while we are reluctant to claim that we are the best, here are 5 reasons to consider choosing us:

  • Flexibility in scheduling means we work around YOUR schedule
  • Our technicians are courteous and professional
  • Parts and workmanship are guaranteed
  • We offer honest, up-front pricing
  • You’re dealing with the experts in their field

For more information about our extensive line of appliance repair services or to inquire about appliance installation or preventative appliance maintenance, contact Alpha Appliance Repair today and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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